Ndidiaa Food Subscription & Delivery Service.

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Imagine this scenario: Ada is a 200 level medical student in the University of Uyo. She runs for classes early in the morning and comes back late in the evening and hardly has time to catch a meal. Her favourite campus restaurant opens late and they don’t do takeouts. She’s not cool with the other restaurants with their annoying attendants & long queues. She wishes there was a cooler & smarter alternative. Joshua is a busy founder & CEO of a budding tech startup. He has such a busy schedule that he goes for an entire day without food; this depletes his energy during the day & reduces his output at work.If there was only a way he could get meals on demand without having to stop at a restaurant to eat. Mrs. Emmanuel is a nursing mother with 3 young kids. She always has to wake up early to prepare meals & pack the kid’s lunch boxes for 2 kids that are in school while struggling to attend to the baby at the same time. Sha has no maid & her husband is an offshore worker in one of Nigeria’s top oil companies. If there only was a service she could outsource preparation of her kid’s breakfast & lunch boxes to. We built Ndidiaa to solve the above problems and more. You can order for food from our site and have it delivered to your location. You can also subscribe for breakfast, lunch or an entire 3 square meal for a couple of days, weeks or months and have your food delivered to your location at your chosen time. We’re here to make your food life easy. Talk to us today.

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